Who do the Tweet Leaders follow! – Part 1 – Shashi Tharoor

All that it takes to follow a person on twitter is, just click the follow button! no ideologies! no memberships! no thoughts! no interviews! no hierarchy! and you become a follower! – Well enough of this cynic tone! and i will get to what i wanted to blog about.

Since following a person is so easy and if you are a frequent blogger the number of people following you would most definitely increase as you go on! But a scent of inquisitiveness makes you wonder who the tweet leaders follow!

For instance see Shashi Tharoor the poster boy man for all the educated clean politics aspiring Indians. At the time of writing he had 359000 followers and was following 14. Who are these 14?

Khalid alkhalifa – the foreign minister of Bahrain

Rajdeep Sardesai – Oxford educated Editor of CNN IBN – The first non-Pranoy Roy TV styled journalist whom people liked!

Shiraz S. Gidwani – is the Executive Chairman of the Young Leaders Organization, a global forum for the world’s young leaders to meet, discuss and merge views and opinions so as to find feasible solutions to the various problems prevalent in this world. (impressive profile)

Vir Sanghvi – The Oxford educated editorial director of Hindustan Times. The only news personality i have seen ready to make non-politically correct statements! Awesome!

Dr. Deepak Chopra – Renowned Endocrinologist, famous for his thought on Quantum mechanics and healing! An AIIMS alumni.

Stephen Fry – British actor & film director

M Ignatieff – Leader of Liberal Party of Canada & Leader of Opposition

Anand Mahindra – Doesn’t need introduction does he! – Vice Chairman of Mahindra Group

Pritish Nandy – A poet, journalist, politician, television personality and film producer as wikipedia describes famous for producing movies like Jhankar beats & Sur

Tunku Varadarajan – Professor NYU Stern (Thanks for the retweet sir πŸ™‚ )

Chetan Bhagat – The famous IITian! and author of some best-sellers

Kevin Rudd – PM of Australia

Barkha Dutt – Managing Editor NDTV – The Kiran Bedi of Indian Journalism! First & probably the best!

Michael Ignatieff – Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

SM Krishna – Doesn’t need introduction! India’s external affairs minister

K Sudhakaran – Congress MP from Kannur – His tweets are very intresting, recently in one of his tweets he said, the Election commission deserves a Nobel prize for peace, because many hindu ration cards are in Muslim names and many Muslim ration cards point to Hindu houses πŸ™‚

Ishaan Tharoor – Son from his first marriage, a Yale grad

Kanishk Tharoor – Son from his first marriage, a Yale grad

Jacob Joseph – Could not connect! Guess he is the Tech Guru to Shashi Tharoor (Any corrections here would help guys)
added subsequently: Jacob is ST’s Officer on Special Duty at the MOEA (Thanks Shiraz for giving that info)

If you are one who follows him of twitter you would realise he spends more time on air than on ground! and probably lives out of a travel suitcase! Well that that’s what MEA ministers are supposed to do! πŸ™‚ Great-work. His tweets are always like diary updates and not so rarely about a social cause that needs help!

Ever since i started writing this post, the strangeness of prying on somebody’s twitter account made me feel absurd, but then i learnt a lot about Shashi Tharoor and by the way he completed his Phd at the age of 22 from Tufts university, sort of a prodigy!

Also some wonderful and impressive personalities came to be known. So not a waste of time after all!

I intend continuing this series! Next should be Anand Mahindra.

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  1. This is great! Applaud your initiative. FYI – Jacob is ST’s Officer on Special Duty at the MOEA. Cheers, SG

  2. Hello Shiraz,

    So you are the one reading my blog πŸ™‚
    By the way, your work is awesome. Keep it going.


  3. Your write-up about who Shashi Tharoor follows is great. Look forward to your next, mate.


    Yadu Singh/Sydney, Australia

  4. πŸ™‚

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