Time to Re-define what India means!

kid has indian flag painted on the face

Cute Girl face painted like an Indian flag

Alright i don’t mean that in the reformist sense! and for now ain’t working on that either. But as years go by, i have become increasingly disillusioned by what the word ‘India’ means. In the UK, India is just a convenient pretext for Indian gatherings’, the restaurants use it to define their niche. The politicians use it as their war slogans! Whom are they at war against by the way? Back in the days of King Bharat, there was a definition and we were Bharatwasis! and then there was the definition of the land beyond the Indukush mountains and India. In most part of the last few thousand years, we were the mystic land from the east, which went on to become the pearl of the british empire.

With nationalism spirits high, anything Indian had to be desi! and absolutely desi! Then came the globalization of the 90’s and the need for foreign currency which made us want to re-think our definition and then all of the sudden everybody who was sending in dollars to the country became a proud ‘NRI’ with greater equal rights for the title of being Indian. Anyone being able to use the brand India and useful to brand India is all of a sudden the son of the soil!

In the current Maoists issue one thing is evident, many of us whom we thought were Indians find it difficult to identify themselves with India! Its citizenship! Its government!

Where is the Character of India? In most case we mistake parameters to be character and guess we as a society need to do some soul searching! to preserve if we wish to what India is!

What are we proud of about the Indian identity? If politicians are any benchmark! then who liked them anyway! If quality of living was any indicator, we would be sorry. Unlike U2 planes flying over the baseball stadium during the Bush years, we have issues with the credibility of our defense establishments after series of kick backs in all the deals!

Being proud of something has only meaning if people from another country also want is badly. Otherwise it is just good self esteem. I remember Michael Douglas telling in the movie ‘Mr President’! America is advanced citizenship and you wanna have it bad! That’s definition of how probably how our country should be looked at from elsewhere on the globe!

India was a collection of kingdoms over ages and given its raw geography by the British empire! We owe it to the British to bring us under one umbrella. What Alexander didn’t, Akbar Couldn’t, Shivaji never tried the British did. (Telling us that the guy in Srinagar is my Brother from another mother!) Thanks to the British for it. But getting out of this thin funny like, it would be right to get back to the meaning! else we risk ourselves becoming like a person of anti-depressants who is excited but has no clue nor reason why he is so!

There was a podcast recently by a Chinese scholar who said that the biggest problem of Asian countries like China and India is that their citizens do not know what their heritage is, and so they try to align themselves with the vogue culture thereby diluting their own identity into oblivion.


Thoughts are jumbled! they are thoughts you see!

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