The Economic Re-Incarnation journey of America

Politically and Financially speaking America is probably at an all time abyss and there is a strong desire to regain the lost glory and gain that the land of American dream once offered.

For once the situation is such that the President who caused a lot of this damage is on his way out by November and you have economic geniuses Henry Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary and the Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke orchestrating one of most radical plan that America has implemented since the Great depression or for that matter in its colonial history in its financial system.

In the fine-print moves if you see they are allowing their wall-street darling banks to raise equity from foreign governments so that the dollar slump is sorted because of the obvious vested interest.  But then again that seems like a temporary fix to the issue. As that would in the long run translate into the American money going overseas.

But progressively after the Sub-Prime losses the Feds, have clearly realised that the Fed needs a more central and powerful role in the mortgage and financial stage of America. And if the feds have their way, American economy would start to reflect the robustness and credit control of east Asian countries like India.

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