Takshashila Chennai Talk

Just back from a day long session of talks on various topics in Takshashila, in IIT Research Park. It was really intresting to hear so many learned minds and to be in the midst of them.

3 talks were really intresting and the style, different in their own sense:

  1. Suryanarayan (On Srilanka)
  2. Tenzin Lhadon ( A Tibetan experience)
  3. V Keshav (On Cartooning in Politics)
Mr Suryanarayan gave a wonderful insight into the Fisherman problem between India and Srilanka. You would never expect this to be the ground reality, since most of our opinions are formed based on the media and what the government of the day tells us.
Tenzin Lhadon

Tenzin Lhadon at Takshashila

Tenzin Lhadon a Tibetan student, left the most profound impact on me and also the rest of the audience. She started of by thanking and appreciating and also expressing her indebtedness to India for supporting their movement. Her talk was interrupted by moist eyes and choking throats whenever she talked of what China tells about his Holiness Dalai Lama and all the tribulations that the Tibetan people go through fighting against the mighty Chinese.

Not sure if we deserve all the things she was crediting us with, i am sure India has been a great support. Another point she made was also very thought provoking: (I write as she said it)
” India has allowed us to Join its universities as equal Indian citizens and not as a foreign national” She was so moved by that gesture!
i kept thinking if she was actually talking about the same India in which i was living. its a coincidence that the other person who made me feel so was also a Tibetan. Identity and Human rights is all they seek. The talk was probably the most emotional i have ever attended. It is true that we take so many things in India for granted.
The next talk was by Mr V Keshav, the legendary cartoonist whose columns now appear in ‘The Hindu’. He was talking about the challenges that a cartoonist faces.
This was followed by  talk on ‘Autorickshaw Economics’ by Karthik Shashidhar. He had good views about the Auto Rickshaw industry in Chennai, not sure if everybody agreed though! as he advocated more usage 🙂
Having worked with Raj and the Dhanu, i kept thinking, why do people want to regulate somebody else’s life! (That gyan was given to me by an auto driver)
Anyway i got a design to complete and an assessment to prepare for.

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