The WordPress Gold Rush is coming to an end! or is it?

Moving from Godaddy Quick Blog to WordPress

In the last few days was working on the blog of one of my friends, he has been a blogger for sometime but uses Godaddy’s free blogging platform that comes along with the domain. Invited him to join the wordpress spoilsports club! 🙂

Have a Sarsparilla!

For those of you who are crazy about internet traffic and work around a lot with WordPress and Joomla would understand this phrase of my post! You install the Stats plugin and are eager to know how many just logged on to your site and you realise that its too much of an adrenaline pumping […]

WordPress permalink structure change

It should have happened to most of us who learnt wordpress on the go! You started with a permalink structure and then you had to change it because you feel the earlier one is not optimized enough!

Excluding Pages from display in WordPress

I was kind of having to search a lot for this change on the net and finally figured it out. For the benefit fo those who might face a similar issue here it is!

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