The Law of Pedestrians

The Law of Pedestrians: If you pretend to not see a fast moving vehicle approaching you, you will not get hurt even if it dashes you, in any case stopping is the obligation of the vehicle!

Swine Flu in Chennai – H1N1

After Pune it is Chennai that is under the grip of Swine Flu now. Last night one kid from my cousins kid’s school Akshaya School contracted the disease. The kid is only in LKG poor one! And the school is in Velachery.. Just a stone throw from here… 🙁

Photo Inspiration

After being inspired by the photo skills of my colleague Mahima and her husband Arvind, i feel i should put my camera to better use. So i ventured out today to take some shots. It was already 7 and was dark already but got this desired effect on the Velachery railway station bridge.

Good Friday Service

Just came back from the Good Friday service. 7 phrases! and a plethora of interpretations. My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me! In the so many Good Friday services that i have attended, not once have i got a pragmatic interpretation to this phrase! Even Biblical scholars ain’t seem to get it right.

Lent Season First Friday service

I am just back form the Lent Season first friday service. I went to the church cause that makes mummy and dayy very happy.

The Barber shop experience

So after a gap of 20 days i was finally at the only place where men trust another man with a razor as close as their neck! The barber shop. Some incidents happened when i was there which made me think! 🙂 Related Images:

Velachery Gets its First Traffic Signal!

Alas velachery gets its first traffic signal saving the policeman the astronomical task of managing traffic during peak hours. For those of you who think ‘First Traffic’ signal sounds like kind of primitive! What you don’t know is Velachery is got Only 3 radiating roads and almost insignificant feeder roads! Hence the lack of need […]

Morning Walk

So after thinking how better i can prepare myself for Project eagle… I started doing the early morning walk a small start though!

My Egg vendor experience

So the global credit crunch has taken the first visible victim in my neighbor hood. This is in velachery, also known as the county where the sun never sets except for the nights of course! But lets get to what happened!

Its Raining crazy! Is anybody building an Ark!

Its raining and i am beginning to browse through the dimensions of the Noah’s ark! Well that’s how much it is raining! in Chennai. I had my doubts about 40 days and forty nights but not after yesterday.

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