The famous Royal Enfield Trip Series posters

The famous Royal Enfield Trip Series posters. There is more posters to this series. For some reason though the theme of the ad is good the concept seems very regular. Remember the Sumo Victa Ad! They wanted to tell you regular people extraordinary achievers gyan! Selling eccentricity is different from selling extraordinary regular people! And […]

Rider Mania 2009

For those of you who have a neighbour who has that noisy (glorious) sound making bullet as his bike! You guys can breath a sense of relief, for the royal enfield enthusiasts from across India are meeting for their annual meet in Ooty for 2 days. So no sounds in downtown! (Relief for some!) I […]

The week that whooshed!!!!!! by

A lot happened over the entire week. Most importantly, or rather most un-importantly importantly 🙂 got things under the glove at work! So am working on an interesting assignment (that’s an illusion i know) now. And man this operation City is taking on our nerves now! In case you did not realise what Operation City is!!!! Its […]

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