Hillary Clinton gave India a miss during her maiden Asian visit after becoming the Secretary of State. And now Obama is starting his debut Asian journey and he is also going to give a miss!

NGO Gateway

After my experience with few NGO’s, i realise that its better to contribute in a way that i am best at! There is so much to do, and for sure, its probably impossible for me to address nor even grasp the enormity of the problem. That’s when the thought to leverage technology came up!

10 Reasons why Obama is so liked!

He is the most apolitical leader for a very very longtime – A person who has brought together people across party lines after a very long time in Washington He means hope! – Is that not what drives our daily lives! The foundation of life! He never looses his calm! – Something very characteristic of […]

Politics is about Perception – Did that decide the American Presidency?

‘Politics is about Perception’ goodline from the movie Mr President by Michael Douglas.

Whole wide world – And Obama is after it!

I am sure there is nobody out there in World history who has gone from absolute nowhere to everywhere is one years time!

Will the lobbyist’s decide in the US elections!

For now! atleast untill now, the forecasters have already called it a day and put the curtains down and gone to sleep declaring Obama to be the next American President. The birds are chirping and the winter is fine! and then comes the verdict! Obama misses by a narrow margin! What?????? Who decides this now? […]

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