Media vs Public Opinion

At the time of writing this news 63 people have died so far in the temple stampede in Uttar Pradesh. I learnt this news from BBC. In order to get more information i logged on to Indian news channels, i was shocked to see MF Hussain as the main news and 63 people lives […]

NDTV Sam Daniel

Had a chance to meet Sam Daniel’s of NDTV. Notice the apostrophe! Some people are really phenomenal isn’t it? A very good conversationalist and definitely a graceful person to talk to 🙂

Is this what our media wants?

Few months back i read an article which read, ‘Who does your historian like’? Which made me think in the context of the current media influence on our daily lives. ‘Who does our media vote for?’ I do not deny the right nor the work that is done by our media in the current world […]

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