Rider Mania 2009

For those of you who have a neighbour who has that noisy (glorious) sound making bullet as his bike! You guys can breath a sense of relief, for the royal enfield enthusiasts from across India are meeting for their annual meet in Ooty for 2 days. So no sounds in downtown! (Relief for some!) I […]

Mad Bulls!

Missed another monthly meeting! 🙁 For those of you who don’t know that this phenomenon means that you are probably not an bike enthusiast! (boooooh!)

Coorg Trip truncated – Offroute is fun

Just back after driving almost 1000+kms on ‘my lepederosa’. Made a return point at Hunsur. Visited Tipu’s death place. One of the greatest king south india has ever produced and he laid there gathering dust. Things have their glory only when they ‘are’ i guess.

Chennai – Yelagiri Bulls Ride – Rocked

Just came back from the Chennai – Yelagiri trip with Bulls. All that i can see right now on the screen is the headlight of my trailing bike! 440 kms! Ambur Biriyani! Ride was too good, riding on a staggered formation with 30+ riders makes you kind of feel like a f16 squadron leader 🙂 […]

Not able to catch sleep!

Have not been able to catch any sleep for the past 3 hours. So instead of loitering around thought could pen down for a change. This what happens to a nocturnal creature on a weekend i guess! Am going for a Yelagiri Ride 2 hours from now. Need to desperatly catch some sleep, will try […]

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