Coorg Trip truncated – Offroute is fun

Just back after driving almost 1000+kms on ‘my lepederosa’. Made a return point at Hunsur. Visited Tipu’s death place. One of the greatest king south india has ever produced and he laid there gathering dust. Things have their glory only when they ‘are’ i guess.

Bangalore Chennai on a Bike

Drove my ‘LePederosa’ all the way from Bangalore to Chennai. Awesome journey. For the first time was all to myself and the nature. The Stone mountains seemed more communicative than ever. Good Start for a Biker i guess 🙂

Ready to go – World I Am Coming

I am sure this probably is one decision that i am going to be liking anytime i look back at it and that is the fact that i just bought a Bullet Machismo 500 CC bike 🙂 Longtime wish finally did it! Felt good. Would surely not have been possible without the well wishes of […]

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