Ready to go – World I Am Coming

I am sure this probably is one decision that i am going to be liking anytime i look back at it and that is the fact that i just bought a Bullet Machismo 500 CC bike 🙂 Longtime wish finally did it! Felt good. Would surely not have been possible without the well wishes of […]

Boot Up Completed

Like any job probably, There comes a time when you probably find the GAP between ‘Your Calling’ and your reality becoming visibly wider. My Corporate communications job was getting a little too personal now and i was finding myself getting cornered by an American Indian (Sorry for the usage of this rude term!) Vice President […]


Few months back i left my mainstream life and took up a Job with a company with a heaviness in my heart in search of becoming lighter. Little did i realise that the next few months changed the way i looked at life. I have met some of the most intresting people (for lack of […]

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