A sad day for Human Rights – Does anybody even realise that?

Amnesty International is closing down operations in India on the 31st of March 2009. An organization which is one step above the law of land and is governed by the fundamental principle of humanity is leaving India. The reason they have cited is the repeated rejection of the Indian government to give them FCRA clearance.

Is this China?

I have read many a books about China offlate most of which has inspite of the human rights violation has shown the country in positive light considering the Economic muscle and the dynamic communist country! The most notable of them being ‘What does China think?’ But i read went through this website today http://chinaview.wordpress.com/ which […]

The Americans in Asia

Why is America so intrested in Human Rights violation around India, when its own record back home is at abyss! And why is america so concerned about Burma not co-operating when back home they have had similar instances in the New Orleans flooding?!

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