Should not the Soul ride the body?

We live and we live! Time goes by! We age… We learn…. We change. A galactic collection of living cells and a consequence of hormones (sad that it is so!) So what goes further than that? Does not the soul survive the mortal body? Most of our life is spent in satisfying the physical body! that […]

Protected: My experience at the Gym :)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Happy is a man who is Happy :)

Thats what struck to my mind, and i realised that statement would not make sense to many. But to me it makes volumes of sense 🙂

7 day wrap up

Have not been able to update update the blog in the last 7 days. The week day 0 was at St George’s Cathedral. The choir was the best i have heard ever. simple simply beutiful. The week also had 2 visits to Aid Chennai. That was very very satisfying.

Movie Alone!

Hey Hey! Watched the movie Rush Hour 3, alone for the first time in life. Good Movie. Many find my excitement amusing, i don’t, cause this is one of those times when i did something for the first time.

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