why is satellite data in india not available under rti?

here is my question: should not the data that is captured by irs satellites(bar the ones that have security implications) be available to Indian citizens under the RTI? after all the missions have been funded by the state hence by the people.

Why is Google angry with me :(

I have been targeted of late by a bunch of hackers and all my sites are being blasted left right and center! and this has caused some of my good paying sites to fall in their pagerank! and hence ofcourse bring with it the revenues down!

Gmail favicon – Not google style!

So gmail has changed its favicon! For those of you who you are not familiar with what favicon is, it is the little graphic thats before the web address on your address bar.

Kings Move: Advantage Microsoft

Its been in the news for quiet a longtime now and so you should be familiar with the ups and downs that the strategic Yahoo Microsoft bid is causing in the Business landscape.

Google … An Utopian Collapse in the making – ‘Knol’

First came google search, was accepted cause there were not an established leader and the market in itself was not well formed. Then came gmail…. bolt out of the sky for Yahoo! and many other email providers! Then came a series of launches from the Google stable and made the brand more popular and in […]

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