The Barber shop experience

So after a gap of 20 days i was finally at the only place where men trust another man with a razor as close as their neck! The barber shop. Some incidents happened when i was there which made me think! 🙂 Related Images:

The consequences of denial

The rise and fall of civilizations and nations throughout history has been because of complacency and in-decisiveness. In the current scenario looking at the way India Inc. and the government are reacting to the global turmoil, it looks like nothing short of complacency. The Global credit crunch and the shrinking western economies are for real! […]

The Robinsons are back!

Well not yet exactly! But they will be few hours from now 🙂 Mummy and Daddy are on their way back from UK and they should have reached maybe Swiss Alps by now 🙂 Just few hours to go go go go! Related Images:

Why Can’t?

Why can’t we build happy hospitals? Why can’t we make people comfortable that cure is just a hand away? Why can’t we make happier conversations? Why can’t we make comfortable relationships! Why can’t we make safer roads? Why can’t we stop honking at night? Why can’t we stop infanticide? Why can’t we stop people from […]

The 6 in the Six Sigma :(

It was good when i bought my Motorola mobile and when i did so, i quipped to myself about the pioneering Six Sigma initiative practice that they follow at motorola. But as of yesterday i find myself within the 6 of the Six Sigma! 🙁 The mobile collapsed or rather decided to not co-operate… I […]

Right on the Microsoft – Yahoo deal!

Of all the articles i read on the Microsoft – Yahoo deal, the one that was closest to what Microsoft CEO said today, was my own post at <click here> Is that lateral thinking by any chance??? Related Images:


I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and i told him about the bazooka of thoughts that i get and this is what he had to say about it: “These are signs that you are getting older and not old!” Related Images:

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