India’s Moral Responsibility on the Tibetan crisis

I learned a few very important things during the reading of articles related to this topic. India would not have a common border with China if Tibet was independent. The Tibetan issue is not a consequence of few years of problem, but more than 6 decades of exchanges and considering the imperialistic policies of China, dates back […]

Here comes the Checkmate moves from US to control the world economy again!

Another of those moves by US to limit the rise of World Economies China and India. Recalibrate their economic size. Direct implications… Deficit valuation of these countries change and effectively the funds these economies can raise overseas reduces atleast in principle…  Imagine the downward revision of the economic muscle of China and India by a whooping 40% […]

America! and the Middle East

There i go again! paranoid about ‘THE USA’ and the dollar 🙂 How is it that America of late has come to terms with a softer Middle East Policy unlike its more imperialistic earlier one!

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