Takshashila Chennai Talk

Just back from a day long session of talks on various topics in Takshashila, in IIT Research Park. It was really intresting to hear so many learned minds and to be in the midst of them.

Why India’s Population problem is greater than China’s

The Population density of India is far greater than China and with the population itself likely to exceed China’s the strain on the Infrastructure¬† could be far more unprecedented.

Hillary Clinton gave India a miss during her maiden Asian visit after becoming the Secretary of State. And now Obama is starting his debut Asian journey and he is also going to give a miss!

India in the middle of a Ring of Fire

India is in the middle of a widespread ring of fire. That exactly is how you can explain the current Geo Political situation in our neighbourhood.

Why did Hillary Clinton not visit India on her 4 Nation Asian Tour?

Just Thinking out aloud! Sometimes we just read too much between the lines but considering all that the media says about Hillary Clinton being close to the Indian NRI’s and all that !!! It was a letdown.

The world’s oldest democracy goes Socialistic!

So its official now! In-spite of the hue and cry even from EU & Canada, America has made it clear that ‘Buy American’ clause is going to stay in the USD 800 billion stimulus package. So inherently the Land of the free and equality is adopting the same principles that it vehemently apposes in any […]

Is this China?

I have read many a books about China offlate most of which has inspite of the human rights violation has shown the country in positive light considering the Economic muscle and the dynamic communist country! The most notable of them being ‘What does China think?’ But i read went through this website today http://chinaview.wordpress.com/ which […]

Cluster Bomb Treaty irony!

So at a conference in Oslo Norway a 100 plus countries decided to not use Cluster Bombs! Which are these countries? Countries that don’t have them or are never at war! What’s the point in signing such a lame duck of a treaty when the biggest defaulters and the users US , Russia and China […]

China on the prowl – and where is China investing?

Even as the world is coming to grasp with the changes in the economic balances, it is a matter of great intrest to see Chinese moves during these troubled (not the right word) times.

The Americans in Asia

Why is America so intrested in Human Rights violation around India, when its own record back home is at abyss! And why is america so concerned about Burma not co-operating when back home they have had similar instances in the New Orleans flooding?!

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