Public Transport Week

Even though i work so much with MTC,  i hardly travel by public transport in Chennai. Largely because i have not very used to it. So to understand the challenges even better, i plan to use public transport for all my trips this week. Will share my experiences here.

Airport & CMBT Elevation view lost!

Chennai is building Metro on the underground section at 3 times the cost of the overhead section. Having gone to this extent, one  wonders if they could have extended the budget by a few crores to get both the CMBT and the Airport locations underground, to save the elevation.

mtc chennai

here is the visualization of mtc chennai’s connectivity. the full network vs highlight of the broadway buses alone!

mtc chennai drivers are the safest?

i read an article recently, which read, mtc kills 143 people on the road every-year! daring was the article and had its justifications. but look at this way, for a vehicle that transports on an average 1400 people a day and does around 250 kms a day! the average, casuality rate caused by an average […]

the irony of rti!

rti or ‘the right to information’ is probably the single best bill the parliament has passed since independence, of-course after the assurance of right to equality that the constitution guarantees.

Trip to dakshinchitra

Went to dakshinchitra today. A must go for those passionate about chennai. They have managed to create a brilliant ancient south India bang in the city well almost!

Chennai Autos

There are few things that would unite Chennaites as much as the love for the hatred of its Autos and the men who drive it! 🙁

Shot at the Gym

This shot was taken in O2 velachery. What’s different about the pic? The guy in red is the trainer (also my trainer Mr Jegan) and the guy in blue is actually pulling weights. If finally took 2 people to get the weights in position for the guy in blue! (didn’t get his name 🙁 )

Spend to get it! Spend even more to loose it!

Sounds like a perfect statement for O2 health studio Velachery, for that matter any Gymnasium. Its been a week since i have joined and yes i can feel the change 🙂 and the change is: My appetite for food has increased 🙁

Change – Sign of good times ahead

Its almost as though all the problems of the world are getting solved at the sametime! North Korean situation is getting better, India – China are working to sort their differences. Africa is having greater say in Human rights council. African issues are being taken more seriously than ever before. 3 countries with good banking […]

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