Father Now

Not been blogging lately. Lot of very sweet changes in life. Find it hard to still sync to the thought that i am a father now. We have named him Vinith Bryan Robinson. Should be setting up a blog for him here. More soon.

LK Advani Ji – Ab bas bhi karo ji!

Advani is all over the Indian Web landscape! Google Ads all over! And this time with the typical American way of telling ‘ABC for President!’ Oops For Prime Minister. Though i see this as a change of times and i always feel BJP was miles ahead when it came to being Tech Savy from the […]

Back to my blog

So nice to be back on this theme and design 🙂 Finally one good samaritan helped me get my blog back to life. That wonderful person so astonishingly refused to take any benefits as service charge! One of those ‘rain causing crowds’

7 day wrap up

Have not been able to update update the blog in the last 7 days. The week day 0 was at St George’s Cathedral. The choir was the best i have heard ever. simple simply beutiful. The week also had 2 visits to Aid Chennai. That was very very satisfying.

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