Back from Bangalore

Back froom the 2 day bangalore meeting in Bangalore and what happened is just sinking in.

Chennai vs Bangalore

Travelling between 2 cities so often puts you in a situation wherein you invariably start comparing the two 🙁 I don’t know if its even right to think along those lines of comparing any 2 cities for that matter! but both cities have their own pluses and negatives!

Trip to remember

The presentation went on better than expected…. but nothing happens until it happens so lets wait and see the final turn…

the closest i got to tony blair :)

this is something very nice that happened. went on a day’s fast trip to bangalore(with the fracture). now working on a project that’s got a lot to do with the number 10 uk 🙂 sounds exciting….more updates soon 🙂

Bangalore Office! now live.

We got the Bangalore office up and running. Broadband connectivity should be up in sometime now. 🙂

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