The world’s oldest democracy goes Socialistic!

So its official now! In-spite of the hue and cry even from EU & Canada, America has made it clear that ‘Buy American’ clause is going to stay in the USD 800 billion stimulus package. So inherently the Land of the free and equality is adopting the same principles that it vehemently apposes in any […]

The Americans in Asia

Why is America so intrested in Human Rights violation around India, when its own record back home is at abyss! And why is america so concerned about Burma not co-operating when back home they have had similar instances in the New Orleans flooding?!

American Dollar bound to rebound!

I have always wondered and pondered about the weakening dollar and the effort done by Washington to curtail that! Consider this: America has always been the leader in Economic intelligentia (No offense to our Pal Chidambaram cause i believe his policies are populist at times than right) The best management graduates are from the US […]

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