Should not the Soul ride the body?

We live and we live! Time goes by! We age… We learn…. We change. A galactic collection of living cells and a consequence of hormones (sad that it is so!) So what goes further than that? Does not the soul survive the mortal body? Most of our life is spent in satisfying the physical body! that perishes and has a time line associated with it. Is not 70 years a trivial matter of affair. We learn scholarly books! Does our mortal brain read them? Or is it the soul that gets enlightened? I quip to myself. I read the bible, quran and bhagavat gita for an explanation, but find the limited view that i get from it. It seems like a statement to satisfy the heart of a troubled believer!

The cycle of justice! as most religions point to! Does it really exist? Or is it just a vehicle to hold the society together? Why do i get such strange thoughts when i am at the reception of a client to give him some SAP Gyan!

The possible goat is calling me in now and i need to leave!

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