Rider Mania 2009

For those of you who have a neighbour who has that noisy (glorious) sound making bullet as his bike! You guys can breath a sense of relief, for the royal enfield enthusiasts from across India are meeting for their annual meet in Ooty for 2 days. So no sounds in downtown! (Relief for some!) I know, with those Goldy silencers!!! What do they try to say ???

He He! The smile because i am a bulleteer myself. But definitely not to the point that some of them in Madras Bulls are: No way close… to many in that fraternity… For these are bunch of bikers who eat, sleep , drink, talk just biking!!!! Carboraters! Tanks! Tyres! Clutches!!!! All the time!!!

Back to the point! So this year the Rider Mania 2009 is being held in Ooty on the 24th and 25th of 2009. Every year some club takes the responsibility of running the show and this year it is the Bangalore based RTMC (Rolling Thunder Motorcycling Club) [Thanks Sushil and anonymous for the correction]The event is supposedly jointly sponsored by the bike makers RE itself.. but there were rumors that these guys refused the sponsorship!!! But that’s the sideline news!!!

Last heard the news was that more than 850 bikers had registered and were still counting. Bikers from as far as North East India are riding to RM.

Talk about Pan India brotherhood! 🙂

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  1. dude its Rolling Thunder Motorcycle club and not

    Royal Thunder Motorcycling Club 😉


  2. Incorrect => RTMC (Royal Thunder Motorcycling Club)
    Correct => Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club

  3. There were 650 riders all together..

    and yes, RE did not play a part in this..


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