Quantifying Gemini Intersection

When we drive around Chennai, it is so easy to get lost in the big infrastructure gaps and almost forget the smaller regular loses! Gemini Flyover is a classic example, the place has been a point of traffic convergence and intersection for 2 high density corridors in Chennai has a signal that operates day in and day out for 365 days. If you have been here at 1 AM in the night(that’s when we do our road geometry survey), you still have people driving around! like there’s no night. Anyways to the point of my post, ‘how much does it take to justify investment in a solution’
We were stunned ourselves when we saw the numbers, Gemini Intersection costs Chennai Rs 91000 / day! in petrol alone not including man costs!
If we are able to get the loss of various intersections, we might just be able to prioritize which corridor to work on first! As part of the project, we are trying to reduce the wait time at this intersection. (you will interested to see what our Traffic Expert Mr Mark has to suggest)

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