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Sister’s Business goes Live

Logo3png1My sister is starting one of her dream projects today. It is a comic customization website. It has been in the making for many weeks now.

First Furniture Experiment

furnitureThe first furniture experiment. It did go well. Testing for the load right now. The whole experience was amazing and energizing, especially the irritation of  the shop fro whom i had so many questions about he bracket. (F,L,Z etc…)

Add to Cart functionality in Woo-Commerce not working

Generally i don’t blog about the technical debug work that i have to do, but in this case, i have spent hours looking for a solution across the web, but none sorted the problem. So if this helps you! Amen!

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Thoughts on Road Safety

Some Quick Points for plans to make our Road Safer for Pedestrians

  1. “Might is Right” philosophy leading to the Hierarchy of road rights should change – Pedestrian is King – Should be followed from road design to enforcement to rules etc…
  2. Safety by Design not just by Enforcement
  3. Accident Analysis –
  4. Fix Responsibility – Then give time based targets to the local agency
  5. Stricter Enforcement for accidents involving pedestrians
  6. Escalator vs Foot Over Bridge – If cars go flyover is there… but for pedestrian crossing it is almost always an unmanned zebra crossing or a foot over bridge.
  7. Road Safety Audit at the time of planning and re-design should be done.
  8. High Risk areas like Route to School / High Pedestrian zones should be audited and corrective measures to be taken
  9. Sidewalk should have a budget independent of roads budget!
  10. Better Innovative Campaigns – Target groups should be new license
  11. Reduced premium ‘No Claim Bonus’ should be attached to the driver license and not the vehicle.

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in

Got this error for one of the theme functions file.

Browsed down to the line:


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Revised Auto Fare Experience

Took the auto from Velachery Station to home. Looks like the auto fares revision has been serious. What is usually a bartered Rs 60 trip, was done 25 without any complaint! Great work! Though the auto was against the public transport agenda for the day. The rates seem to work.

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Public Transport – Day 1

So here was the First Day of Public Transport

Stop 1: Velachery MRTS Station

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