My Quotes

My quotes! I like them.

The all time favorite is on the header of my blog:

“It took evolution 65 million years to evolve me, and you want me to be like the rest of them!…”

“Marriage is like reverse gear! Absolutely necessary! It gets you out of tight situations! And living would be impossible without it! But never allows you to go forward!”

“Be Good! Do Good! That’s all that matters in the end!

“The Only complaint i have with my family of 2 sisters and parents is that they never gave me a reason to complain!”

“Unless you want to take a swim in it! It doesn’t really matter if you have a drop or an Ocean of it! What matters is whether you have that pure water with you!”

“There are some things that you can’t just have!”

added this later the above- “There are some things that you can’t just have!” – Tough Luck!

“In the battle between the Inner Voice and the Outer voice always allow the outer voice to win if you want to blame someone if things go wrong!”

“If you don’t like somebody, you just don’t know them enough! or maybe you them all! rarely the later!”

“Limitless introspection leads to sure failure!”

“If things go wrong in life! don’t worry you have a whole lot of things you can blame: numerology, astrology, timology and all the logies! so just go out and do your best”

the more cheesed off your life seems, the more those pages of your biography is going to be read! just make sure you get there! and keep walking!

Inspired Quotes: (Just means that i may not be sure if they are original, cause they echo in my brain! )

‘I am confused! but mind you, that’s confusion that comes out of clarity’

‘It may not always be desirable to reduce arguments to increase acceptability’

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