Mad Bulls!

Missed another monthly meeting! 🙁 For those of you who don’t know that this phenomenon means that you are probably not an bike enthusiast! (boooooh!)

You may dislike them, hate them for their loud silencers, dislike their dislike towards you, dislike their hair styles!!!, but one thing that you can’t do is ignore them 🙂

Every guy has got a depth and perspective that only a biker can get… One set of guys who are probably a nightmare for any motorbike manufacturer cause they push the vehicle, infact ride only in extremes…. God alone knows how many ceased engines!!! Most of them ride like riding a 200000 cc engine on a 500cc 🙂 Some guys ride all over India solo (refering to biker shantanu of madras bulls)… What metal are they made of!!! ???? From planet krypton???!!!! Hats off 🙂

Hail the spirit of Mad Bulls (short for Madras Bulls) The driving … ooopssss!!!! Riding club of Bulleteers in Chennai 🙂

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