Insider Trading

In India, we have come a long way from a time when Stock market used to be considered gambling dens. But then, since the liberalization of the 90’s a lot has changed and today the business has a perfect aura to it! Some call it national economic symbol! The fundamentals however largely remain unchanged if not becoming more uncertain within the scope of the business!

If that be the case why is Insider trading still such a big deal? Especially considering the fact that in the case of Raj Rajaratinam, the information actually created more wealth! Its just that one was trading more information at hand compared to the other. Is that not the fundamentals of capitalism! Different knowledge and capabilities, different earnings!

I would not support insider trading for want of becoming a supporter of a practice that is illegal, but i just fail to see a point here!

Its like the Geneva War code! War is wrong! And you have a code to run it! Hoops!

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