India’s Moral Responsibility on the Tibetan crisis

I learned a few very important things during the reading of articles related to this topic.

India would not have a common border with China if Tibet was independent. The Tibetan issue is not a consequence of few years of problem, but more than 6 decades of exchanges and considering the imperialistic policies of China, dates back even further. Tibet is built around Buddhism and is headed by the Dalai Lama who is considered as the Re-incarnation of compassion. And going by what i read about him i find him extremely Non-partisan and accommodative considering the fact that he is only man with approved authority on the Tibetan side to resolve this issue.

 Tibet is one of those last countries where culture and ethnicity is preserved in its entirety. Its one country that practices Non-violence, like the way it does preach it and its one of those countries that does not fall into the ‘Armed Deterence Loop’

Tibet in the words of Dalai Lama considers India as the Guru, as Buddhism moved to Tibet from India, which is right. In its hour of need Tibet today needs help. From India! From the World!

Going a step further on this issue, India has always ignored China’s policies towards India, be it in Arunachal Pradesh or be it other disputed territories. But the reality is a matter of fact. China’s imperialistic views has always overwhelmed Indian security systems. So why does China want to get so close to India? At the cost of a country that’s anyway a peaceful nation? (read Tibet) The answer lies in the fact that if Tibet is taken… China has almost a continuous border with India on its northern side. And any army man would tell you, Indian Army in all its greatness is not sufficient to handle China. (I love the IA, but a fact is a fact, i can ignore it but not deny it)

Should this situation not be sending a warning bell in our Security Circles? Its in Indian strategic advantage for Tibet to be protected as well. A government that gave refuge in the form of Dharamshala, should not bat an eye to flex its muscles if need be, else what is the justification for the ever increasing defense budgets and the Indian intelligentsia that we brag about?


Recently i was discussing with my Chinese master who is a Tibetan, who was all in anguish about the state of happenings in Tibet. But he came across to be as a Bhaghat Singh kind of a personality, who had an uncompromising commitment to his country and its future. Wish we had more of likes in India.

Its apathy that brings downfall! and so shall it be with our generation. I quipped to myself. Not before getting amused by these 170 or odd Tibetans in Chennai who are literally freedom fighters far away from home. I have not met one freedom fighter from India, but if this what mettle they are made of, then i guess we have steered our country so far away from what they fought for! 🙁

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