India in the middle of a Ring of Fire

India is in the middle of a widespread ring of fire. That exactly is how you can explain the current Geo Political situation in our neighbourhood.

As though the Indian domestic situation was not good enough, we have a war south of us in Srilanka. A possible mutiny or coup in our Western neighbour Pakistan. Instability in our eastern neighbou Bangladesh and God alone knows a plethora of issue with our Northern neighbour China.

India’s foreign policy has always been rooted in the Indo – China Panchsheel signed in 1954. Though the policy ideates non-aggression and even lists that as a point, there have been instances where political will has gone overboard and has had the better of our policy guidelines.

History is evidence about the long-term domestic failure that is caused by an inconsistant foreign policy. There would always be a gamut of analysis and debate on the need to have a flexible vis-a-vis standard foreign policy.

But India sadly does not have the luxury of an Atlantic Ocean around it. Most of neighbours are just a fence away or maybe even without them in between. So the engaging policy that needs to govern our bilateral discussion need to be more encompassive of the spill-over threat.


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