Thoughts about Democracy

In India, the greatness of democracy is far overstretched! Sometimes makes me feel it operates under the premise, that if you allow people to create their own mess, they will complain less!

Balanced governance is important and the need for the same cannot be stressed more these days! If everyone is equal is the preempt for equal voting rights for citizens, then expecting the minority to be safe in a majority rule country will always be a flawed model.

I remember once in a movie a guy quipped ‘We are not a democracy, we are a bunch of scientists, who will make the most informed choice available to them!’ – if i remember right it was the Movie Sunshine

As we proceed in the life of a country, the need for giving Science the greater mandate and logic to be more prevalent is important in our Governing systems.

If you still reading this article, man i think you should either be my family or good friend. Cause here again, i am not a democracy expert and look at fate as it would have it! I am giving an opinion?!!!! 🙂

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