Cluster Bomb Treaty irony!

So at a conference in Oslo Norway a 100 plus countries decided to not use Cluster Bombs! Which are these countries? Countries that don’t have them or are never at war! What’s the point in signing such a lame duck of a treaty when the biggest defaulters and the users US , Russia and China have not signed it?

Any statistic would tell you that more than 90% of cluster bombs available and used globally have the US as its origin and what has this treaty ended up doing? Made a couple of countries claim moral grounds when they had the muscle in the first place!

But what does treaty itself say?

The treaty, agreed in Dublin in May, will not ban cluster weapons outright, reports BBC defence and security correspondent Rob Watson.

It allows for the development of cluster bombs with greater precision and lower failure rates – an approach the US in particular says it is already pursuing.

As well as banning the current design of cluster bombs, the treaty also provides for clearance in those countries littered with unexploded bomblets.

Some is calling this treaty a landmark treaty! Why or how? in the remotest worl is this a landmark? Its like saying let ban knives and use only guns! As ironic and absurn as that, if you read the fineprints of the treaty.

Dekh tere sansar ki halat kya ho gayi bhagwan! Itna badal gaya insan!

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