Is this China?

I have read many a books about China offlate most of which has inspite of the human rights violation has shown the country in positive light considering the Economic muscle and the dynamic communist country! The most notable of them being ‘What does China think?’ But i read went through this website today which made me feel that of what value is any country that does not treat its own people well ?!

The state that is meant to uphold the values of the people is the same that destroys it!

I am not sure if any of you would have noticed this in the recent Beijing Olympics, the gradiouse opening ceremony saw mass events performed with laser precision and coordination! But somehow it fails to impress at a personal level considering the fact you can notice that the people are forced to put on an artificial smile on their faces! Something that would associate to an opressive regime. I am noone to suggest or comment on a country. Its not my business!

But look here my country! That gives us the freedom to speak our mind! A democracy in the trust sense and the embodiment of unity in diversity!

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