Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in

Got this error for one of the theme functions file. Browsed down to the line: Changed

traffic modelling software

for many days now, i have have been looking for a simple traffic modelling / simulation software, and i am still looking! some softwares are amazing (you can see it from the demo videos) but too costly. traffic is a common problem and yet many of the traffic departments lack the IT infrastructure to model […]

epic browser is really good

just checking out the epic browser and it is really good. apart from the security aspect, which i do not know to check 🙁 the browser is good and very intuitive, what firefox could do has been opened up in the form of open drawers!

We’re experiencing technical difficulties – Google Chat problem

If your chat window shows the error, ‘We’re experiencing technical difficulties that may prevent your chats from being sent,’ you can try signing into Gmail via the secure site, available at

Oceansat – 2 lifts off today

Its almost after 10 years after Oceansat -1 the next in the series Oceansat -2 is taking off from Sriharikota today.

Gmail Login – URL too large! – error

Is this another of those gmail login errors or is it because i messed with the firefox settings! I am unable to login and it says Error 414 – URL too large!

That’s not something you see everyday! – Gmail down! returning 500 error

Now that’s not something you see everyday! Gmail is returning a Temporary 500 error! Is it only me or a more widespread failure?

The top delete button in Gmail not working

The top delete button in Gmail is not working. In fact the entire top menu bar is not working. But strangely the bottom menu bar and the delete buttons are working perfectly fine.

Moving from Godaddy Quick Blog to WordPress

In the last few days was working on the blog of one of my friends, he has been a blogger for sometime but uses Godaddy’s free blogging platform that comes along with the domain. Invited him to join the wordpress spoilsports club! 🙂

Gmail down!

If you are here on this post, you probably are confused why gmail is not loading on your system! I guessed it right, there is widespread service failure of many of google services like google groups , picasa and most importantly its flagship product gmail!

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