E-commerce platforms review

Like in the case of cars,  where you have cars from $1800 – $million. E-commerce solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Though for many companies, the choice is entirely not within their domain of understanding, it helps to know the basics of it.

Best Android Apps in India

I was posed a question at a Company recently: ‘Which are the Best Apps in India and Why?’

Add to Cart functionality in Woo-Commerce not working

Generally i don’t blog about the technical debug work that i have to do, but in this case, i have spent hours looking for a solution across the web, but none sorted the problem. So if this helps you! Amen!

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in

Got this error for one of the theme functions file. Browsed down to the line: Changed

HP Compaq L2105tm Monitor as external screen and also as a HD STB Screen

Managed to hook the HP Compaq L2105tm as a External monitor and the next one as a monitor for Airtel HD box.

traffic modelling software

for many days now, i have have been looking for a simple traffic modelling / simulation software, and i am still looking! some softwares are amazing (you can see it from the demo videos) but too costly. traffic is a common problem and yet many of the traffic departments lack the IT infrastructure to model […]

category list plugin thumnail align

if you searched the web for aligning the thumbnail feature in the category lists plugin for wordpress. add the following line at line 81 of <div class=”alignleft”> & close the tag after the line in the cat-posts.php file.

epic browser is really good

just checking out the epic browser and it is really good. apart from the security aspect, which i do not know to check 🙁 the browser is good and very intuitive, what firefox could do has been opened up in the form of open drawers!

We’re experiencing technical difficulties – Google Chat problem

If your chat window shows the error, ‘We’re experiencing technical difficulties that may prevent your chats from being sent,’ you can try signing into Gmail via the secure site, available at https://mail.google.com/mail.

Oceansat – 2 lifts off today

Its almost after 10 years after Oceansat -1 the next in the series Oceansat -2 is taking off from Sriharikota today.

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