India’s tactical military position!

this is the reason our tactical advantage gets lost (click here to read the post), poor armed forces need to get a nod every time they need to fire… but it also speaks volumes about the maturity of our democracy and military check and balances.

Indo Pakistan situation – Its time citizens make the decision

The Indo Pakistan situation is always volatile, with probably everything other than will in it! We have seen years of administration on both sides present their case and so is it with the armies of both the countries. Today BSF claimed that guns were fired from across the border and pakistan denied it.

India – China Talks

In what can be the defining moment for the peace and security in the Indian Sub Continent. India and China are having their talks and negotiations to resolve the Arunachal Pradesh issue  tomorrow. We have fought the 61 war for this very reason, with 2 versions of the truth ofcourse!

Why do weapons not have auto-expiry machines fitted?

Well we live in a burning world, sure we do! After seeing Charlie Wilson’s war movie, i guess we can easily assume that the decision to supply weapons sometimes far out weighs the decision to not to!

The Politics of Politics!

India’s Missed opportunities in Srilanka

From any angle you look at it, India’s failure to engage Srilanka in the current war will have serious repercussions for India.

Generation of Apathy!

The fate of Chennai Elections!

Now here we are just 48 hours before election day! In many ways the D-Day that will determine the next 5 years of the fate of our country!

Expecting too much from our leaders!

The SEO of Indian Politicians

For those familiar with internet would also know what SEO stands for: Search Engine Optimization. Basically packaging your content most likely non-unique to sound like unique! Using all kinds of jargon technologies! The trend as probably has always been and even more observed in the current elections that leaders tend to use words that are […]

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