Post PMP Valuation

My knowledge of things hasn’t changed drastically in the recent few months. Except for the fact that i have cleared the PMP certification a few months back. And ever since, i keep getting job calls and offers.

Play schools in velachery

I thought hunting for school admission would be daunting, try play schools! My wife and I started this hunt a few days back coming back confused and drained and concerned every single day we did that. But I am sure it’s the same for all parents. Here is our experience:

SPRH challenge

Mt wife has taken a break in work due to Bryan our son. Now she is trying to get back to the industry, and unfortunately it has been a tough experience thus far. She quipped ‘Wish she was a generator, at-least somebody would have hired her’ 

Thoughts on Road Safety

Some Quick Points for plans to make our Road Safer for Pedestrians “Might is Right” philosophy leading to the Hierarchy of road rights should change – Pedestrian is King – Should be followed from road design to enforcement to rules etc… Safety by Design not just by Enforcement Accident Analysis – Fix Responsibility – Then […]

One Step at a Time

There is so much to learn from my Son. He wakes up, not worrying about the future, what he would be years from now, Does his set of activities for the day, laughs and sleeps. And since his birth he has already learned so many new things. Amazing for a 6 month kid.

30% import duty on High End Televisions – Not what Henry Would Agree On!

I think it was Henry Ford who said “The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed. “

Airport & CMBT Elevation view lost!

Chennai is building Metro on the underground section at 3 times the cost of the overhead section. Having gone to this extent, one  wonders if they could have extended the budget by a few crores to get both the CMBT and the Airport locations underground, to save the elevation.

Why has money not become a religion?

These days almost the only judgement of success is money or power! which in turn translates to money! my wife says: instead of making religion itself money as it is turning out to be, why not make money another religion and be done with it?

Credit Access for the Lower Income

Yesterday our maid was telling us how difficult it was to raise cash! Money available to them was at an atrocious rate of  120% per year and that too just the intrest! definitely that is not legal. but what can they do against people with political connections. they have even pledged their house as security. […]

‘CC’ – when it gets more important than ‘To’!

most of us who work in teams with multiple reporting heads always have this experience. all the good and all the irritation it causes sometimes, not sure if the original creator intended or even remotely thought it could!. was it to have evidences! or was it to merely to bring it to record! or was […]

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