So I am with C40 as a City Advisor for about 100 days now and it has been an amazing experience.

Cycling in Rockrider

Typing this at 2:34 am since i am not getting any sleep. Crossed about 200+ on my Rockrider 340 so far. Cycling on roads these days isn’t as easy at it used to be or may i am just getting older! signs maybe.

Back to Cycling

After gaining 85 kilos finally back to cycling. Thanks to Beulah for the amazing BTWIN Rockrider 340. Cycling is amazingly comfortable. Will post a review about the cycle when i cross the first 100 km milestone. Getting used to the gear system.

Protected: Son

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Sister’s Business goes Live

My sister is starting one of her dream projects today. MeMeMe.co.in It is a comic customization website. It has been in the making for many weeks now.

First Furniture Experiment

The first furniture experiment. It did go well. Testing for the load right now. The whole experience was amazing and energizing, especially the irritation of  the shop fro whom i had so many questions about he bracket. (F,L,Z etc…)

Revised Auto Fare Experience

Took the auto from Velachery Station to home. Looks like the auto fares revision has been serious. What is usually a bartered Rs 60 trip, was done 25 without any complaint! Great work! Though the auto was against the public transport agenda for the day. The rates seem to work.

Public Transport – Day 1

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series public transport

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series public transportSo here was the First Day of Public Transport Stop 1: Velachery MRTS Station

Public Transport Week

Even though i work so much with MTC,  i hardly travel by public transport in Chennai. Largely because i have not very used to it. So to understand the challenges even better, i plan to use public transport for all my trips this week. Will share my experiences here.

MTC OMR Field Survey

The largest field survey for MTC Route optimization in OMR happened this Monday. Almost 60+ employees of MTC which included trainee conductors and drivers and Checking Squad Inspectors. It was a day of so many learnings! for all the teams involved.

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