Surveying Gemini Flyover

We are starting our survey of Gemini Flyover tonight. So in case you see a bunch of guys measuring roads with tapes tonight! Don’t panic.. Its us.

The Chennai Airport Parking – Musical Chair! except there is no music here!

LB Road was finally tendered!

The ‘LB Road’ project finally tendered by Chennai Corporation. This has been reeling inside everyone’s head as when would this day be coming! We always knew it was somewhere there but then the actual event turned out to be an anti climax with little or no resistance as expected. What’s going to be done? The […]

Who is to blame?

Who is to blame? Is that the question to ask? Or what caused the problem? Is that to be asked? Not a day passes by in our city lives when can’t avoid throwing a stone at the Govt. department that did that the job. The state of affairs in our civic and urban system is […]

Protected: Indian Army does not allow you to blog! :(

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Chennai Airport Parking Redesign

Chennai City Traffic Police

My new role at City Connect requires me to work and coordinate on the Traffic and Parking component of the City Connect projects.  Was going through the various urban group websites and finally was searching for the Chennai City Traffic Police website. Searching on google landed me here On seeing a dedicate IP hosting i […]

60 minutes at Prajnya Trust

Had a long conversation with Ms Swarna of Prajnya Trust. This time we were joined by her sister, a History professor from Holland. In spite of my numerous conversations with Ms Swarna i never realized that she herself is actually a Indo – Pak expert and also Indo-Srilanka expert and has 5-6 books to her […]

Servers Online

Got the servers up after 4 hours of battle. Looks like a open relay port hack was exploited by the hackers! Oh these Russians! The IP trace is to russia! but with these IP modifiers you never know who is hacking on you.

My quotes at work!

There are strange things that happen in my workplace i guess it happens to everybody. One of the most common things that make me feel real weird is the ‘Bandwidth’ and the ‘Pipeline’ issue that my boss keeps talking about! What on earth does that mean? I still haven’t been able to put my brains around that […]

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