The world’s oldest democracy goes Socialistic!

So its official now! In-spite of the hue and cry even from EU & Canada, America has made it clear that ‘Buy American’ clause is going to stay in the USD 800 billion stimulus package. So inherently the Land of the free and equality is adopting the same principles that it vehemently apposes in any world trade stage! So what you can find is that as we go forward in the Obama years, America is surely going to find it difficult to convince countries to avoid trade protection policies!

American trade policies and the high moral grounds that they have claimed and stood for years are beginning to sound very Ostentatious! you may interpret it that way! but on the other hand, it may also be the state of affairs in the World’s largest economy. And considering the vested interest that most countries like India and China have (because of foreign deposits) it may be in our good that their economy recovers fast and fast enough!

America sometimes today reminds me of the biblical figure Samson who as history has it, took more people down with him than he destroyed during his lifetime!

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