Are Smokers Bad? I ain’t think so anymore

I don’t smoke and am of the opinion, well untill this incident that in some way or the other, smokers tend to care less for others around them cause they don’t take serious care of their health. What happened was i and my uncle were standing at a store and buying some household things. Fast came a auto driver asked for a ciagarette, he did recognise me, cause he is the one driving me around because of my fracture.
My first reaction was why smoke and spoil your health to which he said something and that ended. What happened next was he bought some rusk, i was thinking he probably was buying the same because he was on his way to drink at home, but he took and threw it in the ground with much dedication and responsibility for the street dogs to feed on them. Here was a man, no pretense let me tell you absolutely none. Talking care that the dogs feed. That was his daily routine said the shopkeeper to me. I was left wondering, me with all the blessings and riches that i am bestowed with rarely think of the animals of the street and here was a auto driver whose financial situation was no way close to me thinking more that what he needed. Salutes to that man.

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