A sad day for Human Rights – Does anybody even realise that?

Amnesty International is closing down operations in India on the 31st of March 2009. An organization which is one step above the law of land and is governed by the fundamental principle of humanity is leaving India. The reason they have cited is the repeated rejection of the Indian government to give them FCRA clearance.

I am surprised the media has not picked it up, a country that calls itself a democracy and preserves the right to speech as a fundamental right is failing to retain an organization that is the epitome of Human rights from leaving the country!

Human rights violations are more often than not committed by the state, and hence the absence of a lobbying body gives a no check status to the prevailing law enforcement bodies! So is that what the state wants? In the election year, some excesses often go unnoticed!

Is anybody listening!

A call to their office is going through to the answering machine at all the extensions 🙁

Here is the excerpt of the mail I received from the country head Mt Mukul recently:

We are extremely sorry to inform you that the AII Office is closing down shortly and the activities, events, campaigns initiated by the India office will remain suspended till further notice. All the colleagues, working in the AII office will be relieved by March 31, 2009. This is because Government of India continues to deny the FCRA registration to AI India Foundation and our local resources are very insufficient for our survival.

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