American Dollar bound to rebound!

I have always wondered and pondered about the weakening dollar and the effort done by Washington to curtail that! Consider this: America has always been the leader in Economic intelligentia (No offense to our Pal Chidambaram cause i believe his policies are populist at times than right) The best management graduates are from the US (Management meaning the true management, the delegation style) Are they really unable to do so are are they allowing it to fall by choice!

I read this article recently, the lowering of dollar valuation has been in a way a disguise for the americans cause it has narrowed their trade deficit! That makes some sense to me now.

Just imagine you have 2 currencies that you control, One the dollar that is good in the short term and another you have huge reserves of Oil that is invariable the long term check point (in the 20 term period)

Your foreign policy is governed by overseas Oil needs. What do you do? I dont know how many of you remember what Anil Ambani did after he came from Wharton… He went on to buy Reliance Shares from the market which were performing badly! It had a phenomenal rebound effect.

We have reasons to believe that Investments by American companies in overseas markets has nearly zoomed 1200% in the last 3 years!

(In a getting a bit jittery already! , will continue this article in sometime from now)

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