America! and the Middle East

There i go again! paranoid about ‘THE USA’ and the dollar 🙂

How is it that America of late has come to terms with a softer Middle East Policy unlike its more imperialistic earlier one!

Blame it on the dollar!!!

As such there are middle east countries that have already shifted their trading currency to Euro. And the Dollar is as such so weak under the Euro so the more unrest in the Middle East the greater the rise in Euro and hence the fall in dollar.

So what does washington do about it? They release a report saying Iran no longer is developing Nuclear weapons!!! That eases the situation a bit… and bring dows the oil a bit, at least at the principle level… Then they create a peace agreement between the Israeli’s and Palestinians. That causes some rest in the middle east ….

There is also increasing conclusive belief that Russia, China and Venezuela are causing the fall of the dollar.

How each country benefits from this is a matter in its own….

But makes you feel at the end of the day World War 3 is not going to be in the War Zones but on Financial moves!

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