Public Transport – Day 1

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  • Public Transport – Day 1

So here was the First Day of Public Transport

Stop 1: Velachery MRTS Station

Distance from Home – Around 750m.

Challenges: Peak time ticketing wait goes into minutes when trains just wiz by!

Solution: Allow shops around the station to sell tickets just like mobile recharge, also hop into the common ticketing that CUMTA is planning to introduceg soon. That way you can use the same card to pay for all transactions.

Stop 2: Park Station

Distance to Destination (Corporation Building) – 650m

Challenges: Station exit (climb up and down) + negotiate a busy road + cross road like a road rage kicking (being kicked experience) + no or bad sidewalk

Solution: Allow the subway in the station to directly exit from the GH side. Put escalators in the junction. Better still put a Magic Box at the junction so that the pedestrians can continuously move. It right next to Chennai Central after and what is the point in making full train load of people to cross the road in installments.┬áThe irony is that the center median actually says “Jay Walking is Punishable”

For the Pallavan salai problem, since the traffic is only a max of 2 lanes, the rest can be made to sidewalk.

General: Introduce Zone Pricing, that way people pay the amount from house – destination. Instead of Origin Stop – Destination Stop. Don’t penalize transfer.


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