How much are you worth in the Job Market?

I haven’t blogged in more than a year and here i am posting 3 posts on the same day . But who cares. But then again who should? I am still editing this post.. so will publish it here soon.

E-commerce platforms review

Like in the case of cars,  where you have cars from $1800 – $million. E-commerce solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Though for many companies, the choice is entirely not within their domain of understanding, it helps to know the basics of it.

Ramanujan IT Park

I had been to a company in Ramanujan IT Park (The one next to Tidel Park). The experience in the company was good, but the same couldn’t be said about the journey to the same, not because of human interaction but more so because of the architectural design mess.

Best Android Apps in India

I was posed a question at a Company recently: ‘Which are the Best Apps in India and Why?’

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