Swimming classes

Started swimming classes in velachery aquatic complex, Swimming is tough!

Ideas for velachery intersection

If you are on this page, chances are that you are vexed as much as i am. But like the urban legend of the russian outer space pencil solution, here again; what we probably need is simple out of the box solution.

Trip to dakshinchitra

Went to dakshinchitra today. A must go for those passionate about chennai. They have managed to create a brilliant ancient south India bang in the city well almost!

Fm radio license

If you are an active listener of fm radio in chennai, you realize that you are not getting your worth of the deal! It’s more ads than music at prime time. At some it gets annoying as all that you want todo is listen to just music. 104.8 fm started with that promise but has […]

poster for promoting pedestrianization

poster for promoting pedestrianization designed when walking on the treadmill today.

itdp india staff meeting

was in ahmedabad(my first) last week for a 4 day meeting taking part in the itdp india staff discussion. it was very interesting to see architects making sense! 🙂 apart from the sumptuous meals and excellent sessions by prof. ravikanth joshi it was good to get the kulfi and the cheap auto fares! the sheer […]

thank God we have a choice

my work generally involves meeting govt. staff. most of the times it is interesting because of the larger perspective you get but there are many days when you feel kind of lost! doing kind of un-interesting work. that’s when i got to see an mtc bus driver today. not a job you can envy!

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