Check out this interesting product Lifestraw If you think you can blog about this it would be great. It should pick up more in our country. Does anybody have access to water quality satellite map? That ways we can come up with a target zone. If you have friends working in mdg organizations, this should […]

This is a test blog post From iPad

Just testing blogging from iPad app.

Being gifted an iPad

My sister just gifted me an iPad. Blessed me 🙂 Related Images:

2010 scam year – probably the best

2010 year was most part was riddled with scams, what started with 2G, CWG, Adarsh kept making news in the media to the point of irritation. the 90’s and even till date the bofors has riddled, intrestingly the value of the allegation itself was a tiny 64 cr compared to the other cases making headlines.

why some of my posts are password protected

some of my posts have passwords. just to clarify because it could just get you to think, why blog when you don’t intend sharing it! precisely correct. so here is my explanation:

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