bp vs toyoda vs bhopal apology

the power of a heartfelt apology! an apology in a sense does reflect deep contemplation within, without justifying the actions. if you see the congressional hearing of bp ceo tony hayward and akido toyoda on one side you see a very evasive ceo and on the other, see another who does seem to want to […]

India’s bid for the UNSC

Everytime you have a visiting dignitary you have a confirmation of their support for India’s UNSC – P status. Here is representation of it on the map.

why call it honour killing?

all of us have varied degrees of need for honour. why call murders honour killings and glorify them? people would justify it by doing it! if they knew it had the word honour attached to it!

bhopal gas tragedy: the judgement being more vulgar than the crime

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series amnesty

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series amnestythis is one of those judgments where the judgment has fallen more short of the crime itself. the law may itself have only taken the course of evidence that was made available to it! and it was not a media trial at-least so far! but […]


the more you see movies of the likes of blood diamond, the more you feel lost, the more you feel helpless at times, but also feel the task there lies in this world and times.

first tea in the new house

that’s the first tea in the new house.

Protected: night to weather

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

bhopal gas tragedy verdict

If US transport commission can call the head of Toyota corporation to depose before the US senate committee to explain why some vehicles of Toyota led to loss of human life!

prerequisite for scribes

not sure if many of you are aware of this, but if you want to scribe for a blind person in a bank exam in India, then you should have scored< 60% or lesser than the candidate (whichever is lower) (less) and be good in arithmetic.

great day at work

i can’t still get over with the joy of MTC finally giving the data after such a long run around 🙂 another strange thing that happened at work was that airport wants us to pay for the survey that we will be doing for them at the airport!!!!!! ??????? amazing!

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